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Are you looking to re-invent your home? Fort Collins remodeling may be your answer. For various reasons, many people choose to stay in their current home rather than move. Among them, your home sits on a perfect lot, you love the neighborhood or you really don’t want to move. Remodeling has many advantages; you can freshen things up with new and updated materials, add more space, age in place, increase energy efficiency, increase functionality, accommodate more people living in the home, and increase your home’s value. Whatever your reasons are for staying put, avoid pitfalls by planning ahead, establishing a budget, and securing a licensed contractor you trust. Thoroughly vet your contractor and get good references from previous clients. Feel comfortable asking your contractor for proof of insurance.

This is Our Idea

A good contractor will teach you what to expect from each process and will help you prepare for it. Surprises can be fun, but not when it comes to remodeling. Proper planning is key and will help your remodeling process run smoothly leaving you with a beautiful space you can enjoy for many years to come.
As Fort Collins’ premier home remodeling contractors, we know the possibilities are endless and we are excited to partner with you in creating the space you desire.


Whole House
Whole House
Whole House
Whole House

Clients Tell Their Story

  • Steve & Dixie
    We are thankful for our dream come true in our beautiful master bathroom. We are astonished at the space we have now. The remodel gave us a large gorgeous shower, new lighting, a free standing tub, wonderful storage and a bathroom to be proud of. Each time we walk into our shower, we feel like we are in a 5 star resort. Our master bath came out more beautiful than we could ever imagine! You all made our remodel easier than we thought. You and your crew are so very professional and were always ready to act on our requests. Hats off to Mike who made everything so easy for us. Mike gave us a call each morning to let us know what was happening that day; we really appreciated that. Mike was always available to us. We never had to wait for a question to get answered or a request to get done. Thanks to Harry, Mike, and the whole crew for a great construction experience and a wonderful outcome in the construction of a most beautiful bathroom. We will call you soon for our basement “re-do.”
    Steve & Dixie

As Fort Collins’ premier home remodeling contractor, we know the possibilities are endless and we are excited to partner with you in creating the space you desire.